• Mini LED
    Mini LED Display is a component based on the IMD type device (Integrated mounted device) with the pa...

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  • P2.6MM / P2.9 MM
    Spider series is user-friendly. All cabinets are light weight and designed with corner protection, h...

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  • P3.9MM
    Slim LED display in P3.9mm (HD) is a latest and a high resolution product by JONALED. It comes with ...

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  • P3MM
    P3mm is very popular among indoor HD LED Display for both- rental and fixed installation. It has an ...

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  • P4MM
    It is an ideal solution for large events. P4mm indoor display screen is the finest pixel pitch becau...

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  • P6MM
    P6mm LED display screen is the most popular led display screen among the consumers. It meets the nee...

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Do you want to buy good quality Indoor LED displays for your company? Do not worry, we are here with a range of quality displays for our customers across the country. Jona Led is based in Delhi, but we serve customers across the country. We are one of the renowned and trusted manufacturer and supplier of Indoor LED display Delhi.


Our indoor LED displays are used for advertising purposes by several companies. This helps them to advertise even in closed spaces like exhibition, sports stadiums, halls, trade fairs, malls, theatres and much more. They use messages to attract potential customers for their company to increase their business. The moving images catch more attention of the customers.


Our indoor screens are made using SMD technology or surface mounted device. It gives excellent brightness which can be adjusted according to the surrounding or environment. This makes it excellent for all retail and corporate uses and application. Our LEDs are versatile and almost limitless. Not just for outdoor but for indoor uses as well it has been proved to be the best. Be it a single colour message to attract peoples attention or dynamic electronic sign that has billions of colours, our LEDs have it all.


Our LED indoor display area beneficial for almost all kinds of business if used correctly. Here are some of the benefits of choosing our LED displays for your company.


Reduced Costs

The traditional print advertising cost is way cheaper than installing a LED screen at the initial stage. But you can save a lot on the printing costs shortly after you install a LED screen.


Better Web Connectivity

You can connect this to the internet and use it to update daily content, currency updates, live feed, weather updates and way more. This is not possible with traditional advertising displays.


Gains Attention Of People

One of the main advantages of choosing our LED displays for your brand awareness is that it gains more attention than the other advertising methods. This is why choose us and our products and increase your business by gaining potential customers.


You Can Easily Update Contents

Along with being cost-effective, another advantage of choosing our LED displays is that you can update content with just a click. You do not have to wait for days to get it printed like the traditional advertising methods.


Influences Decisions

These play a very important role in the decision of the buyer as these use a combination of videos and images of high quality which influences the buying decision.


Therefore choose our products for your company as we are the best indoor fixed LED display manufacturer India.