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Novastar’s Taurus series multimedia player is a next-generation product that combines powerful performance, stability and security, to provide users with a diverse range of solutions.


They are suitable for digital signage, fixed installation screens, as well as pole screens in application, including advertising, digital signboards, commercial displays and Smart Cities. Taurus is the unparalleled choice for smart display systems.

Key Features:

  • Synchronization mechanism for multi-screenplaying
  • Powerful processingcapability
  • Comprehensive controlplans
  • Synchronous and asynchronousdual-mode
  • Dual-Wi-Fimode
  • Redundantbackup



  • When synchronous display is enabled, the same content can be played on different displays synchronously if the time of different TAURUS units are synchronous with one another and the same solution is being played.
  • Powerful ProcessingCapability
  • Comprehensive ControlPlans
  • Solution publishing and screen control viaPC
  • Solution publishing and screen control viaLAN
  • Solution publishing and screen control via mobilephone
  • Clustered remote solution publishing and screencontrol
  • Clustered remotemonitoring
  • The TAURUS supports synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode. When internal video source is applied, the TAURUS is in asynchronous mode; when HDMI-input video source is used, the TAURUS is in synchronous mode. Content can be scaled and displayed to fit the screen size automatically in synchronous mode.
  • TheTAURUSrequires nowiringanduserscanmanagethedisplaysatanytimebyconnectingtotheTAURUSvia mobile phone, Pad orPC.








ViPlex Handy

Mobile client

LAN-based screen management software for Android and iOS, which is mainly used for screen management, solution editing and publishing.

ViPlex Express

PC client

Display content publishing management system for Windows only, which supports studio mode and sync mode. The Taurus uses a sync mode.


PC client

LED configuration tool for Windows only, which is mainly used for screen configuration and adjust screen to the optimal display performance.