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P8mm Rental Outdoor

P 8mm OUTDOOR LED VIDEO WALL:- JONA LED set a new standard for Outdoor Led display and our pixel P8mm is our revolutionary and highly popular Outdoor LED display for both rental and permanent installations. It is widely used in Outdoor advertisement media, Outdoor Events, government & enterprise project culture & tourism, sports, propaganda image, commercial real estate, leisure plaza, culture plaza, large entertainment square, prosperous business centre, advertising information release board, business street, train station, airport, bus station, passenger transportation station, metro, shopping mall, supermarket, hospital, hotel, education system, bank, security market, auction , shopping centre and media centre. Standardized cabinet can realize mass production and shorten lead time.



High Brightness

We display support automatically or manually adjust the brightness of the LED display screen. It’s High brightness quality make the vision so clear and it can be run in the presence of sunlight also.


Fast Assembling

Fast lock system design guarantees a quick and easy installation. Maximum support 50pcs hanging in a column. Fast locks design, cabinets can be easily assembled in 5 seconds.


Low Power Consumption

The use of high-quality die-casting aluminium alloy design solves the heating problem, reduces power consumption, minimizes panel weight for easy installation, and ensures LED display's long term working stability.


IP65 High Level Protection

IP 65 rated front and rear, capable for full weather protection & durable: water-proof, moisture proof, dust proof, salt mist-resistance and fire prevention.

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