P6mm Outdoor Rental


P6 Outdoor Rental led wall is super slim and light in weight. It features universal design that allows for quick installation and dismantle.

Dimension: 576*576*70mm

Application: Government Plaza, leisure square, cultural square, large entertainment plaza, commercial center, advertising- information publish board, commercial street, railway stations, airports, bus stations, subway, shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, hotels , education system, bank, security markets, auction houses, shopping centers, media centers etc.




  • The weight of full panel is only 12.8kg. 2 person can fish the installation 12sqm led screen in 30 minutes
  • LED Display wall thickness is 10mm. Thus, saving space and packaging size.
  • The power cable and signal cable is attached within the cabinet.
  • Flexible and smooth locking system.
  • Easy module replacement.
  • Saves time and labor cost.
  • 50%brightness is more than enough in day-light.

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