P6mm Outdoor Fixed

Being a customer-oriented firm, we offer a large variety of Outdoor LED Display Video Wall, which are customizable and available at affordable price. All of our outdoor LED screens can withstand any environmental condition (rain, heat, wind, temperature variation, etc.)

Dimension (mm): 960*960*140mm

Application: Outdoor advertising, hotels, shopping malls, real estate, stadiums, etc.






  • 6500nit above brightness, automatic brightness adjustment
  • Stable quality, 24/7 running
  • Protection Coating- IP65
  • Water proof
  • Anti-moisture & corrosion, -40°-60° operation
  • Modular design, easy for maintenance
  • Higher refresh rate- over 2000HZ/s
  • Best consistency with signal input, vivid color
  • RGB ratio 3 : 6 : 1, pure white balance picture
  •  ≤1mm surface level up, smooth surface , wide viewing angle
  • Standard cabinet, easy for transport and installation
  • High luminous efficiency, energy-saving


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