P6mm LED display screen is the most popular led display screen among the people.This product is available to meet the needs of those looking for high resolution LED displays with lightweight characteristics. It is especially designed for live events, entertainment, and trade show applications, as well as fixed installation in TV station, studios, church or casinos etc. Mostly used in many big events and live concert program, Wedding Events festivals, stage performances, pop star concerts, Opening Ceremonies, Hotel events, car exhibitions, trade shows, Brand promotions, product launch, Wedding Ceremonies, festival celebration activity , school activity program and many other places.



High Refresh Rate

High refresh rate > 2000 Hz ensure NO FLICKER for live videos and fast moving pictures. High resolution creates great visual impact even at very short viewing distance.Drive IC of high refresh rate and high grey scale to ensure stable picture and better visual effect of the screen.


Ultra design & Light Weighted

Cabinets are die-casted with high-strength aluminum alloy, which makes cabinets enjoy light weight, strong bearing capacity and high outline precision. Excellent Heat dissipation, noiseless, HD video performance.


Excellent Color uniformity

Uniform color representation ensure content and video are showcased accurately & consistently on display screen.You can never find any type of color variation and difference on it, because of that the vision is so clear and graceful.


Easy to Installation

There are fast locks on each side of the frame of the panel. It is easy, quick and fast for the installation and no tool needed. Easy to move from one place to other place, easy to hang and easy to dismantle.

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