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Slim LED display in Pitch 3.9mm (HD) is a latest and high resolution product by JONALED with an innovation in panel design. P3mm indoor high-performance and quite popular indoor HD LED display for both rental and fixed installations. It has an advantage to support a high refresh rate and great image quality at a low brightness. The following is its major advantages Built specially for the less viewing distance like High-level Conferences and Forums, TV station and News Channel Events, Video monitoring command centre, broadcast, Hotel functions, Auditorium, conference room, meeting rooms ,banquet hall and exhibition presentations, traffic control, government offices, studio, stage background and many other places.



High Refresh Rate

High refresh rate > 2880 Hz ensure NO FLICKER for live videos and fast moving pictures. High resolution creates great visual impact even at very short viewing distance.Drive IC of high refresh rate and high grey scale to ensure stable picture and better visual effect of the screen.


No Ghost Images

A line appears below the original stroke, of which the color is different from the original character. It is similar to overlapping image. ICs driven by constant current with pre-charge function can remove ghost image and make pictures clear without trailing.


Black Face Led

black SMD Display Solutions are featured by their extraordinary contrast ratio without sacrificing the soft brightness. Black Face Led enhance the picture Quality and reduce eye staining problem when you watch screen in near distance. It is clearly visible and attracted people towards itself.


Wide Viewing Angle

Vertical/ Horizontal angles up to 140”, bringing a larger visible viewing area. Vertical arrangement for LED chips, no color difference when looking from the left and the right view.

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