P3.9mm Indoor



  • VENUS SERIES: Indoor and Outdoor application

Venus Series is a high definition curve-able LED display, designed especially for the rental market.

Pixel Pitch (mm): INDOOR - P1.9, P2.5, P2.8, P3.9
                           Outdoor – P3.9
Dimension- 500*500mm



  1. Key Features:

  • Unique protection for all four corners.

  • Super light and thin
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Floor tile application
  • Hanging application
  • Supports Concave and Convex connections
  • Stack assembly with ground support system
  • Maximum Utilization- multifunctional pedestal can be used as hanging bar

     2. Features:
  • Each cabinet has unique protection for all four corners and therefore, provide maximum protection for module edges
  • Cabinet size for a 500*500mm is only 8.6 kg each panel
  • Two different size of cabinet can be matched together
  • One person can finish the installation. Vertical locks can be automatically locked when two cabinets are combined.
  • Bottom modules are above the floor and therefore cannot be damaged.
  • Modular design, easy pin connection and independent power box
  • Unique curve connection design supports concave and convex connection: -5°, -2.5°, 0, +2.5°, +5°
  • Floor Tile Application- BY joining the cabinets together column by column and increasing each row together onto the floor.

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