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P2mm INDOOR LED VIDEO WALL: - JONA LED set a new standard for indoor Led display and our small pixel P2.5mm is our revolutionary and highly popular indoor LED display for both rental and permanent installations. Professional solutions for less viewing distance like TV stations& News Channel, Military control, High Level video conference, AV Rental uses, broadcast, Hotel Auditorium functions , conference room, banquet hall, exhibition presentations, traffic control, retail store and video monitoring command center as well. We are also providing a specifically designed flying bar (hanging beam) to perfectly mount the screen on truss. 



Seamless Connection

The bright lines and dark lines of this screen can be removed by adjusting the direction of the cabinet. Then, cabinets can be connected seamlessly without the phenomenon of the separation of the connected image. This will ensure the perfect show of the image.


Black Face Led

Black SMD Display Solutions are featured by their extraordinary contrast ratio without sacrificing the soft brightness. It enhance the picture Quality and reduce eye staining problem when you watch screen in near distance. Pixel bulb is SMD2121. It is clearly visible and attracted people towards itself.


Excellent Color Uniformity

Uniform color representation ensure content and video are showcased accurately & consistently on display screen.You can never find any type of color variation and difference on it, because of that the vision is so clear and graceful.


Low Power Consumption

Low power consumption thus does not generate as much heat, more economical and environmental friendly. It consumes less power and energy. That makes the environment less polluted and generates less heat.

Additional Products

Additional Products

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