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P16mm OUTDOOR FIXED LED VIDEO WALL :- P16mm Outdoor Advertising LED screen can be mounted on wall or pillar. It’s one of the most widely used led display panel for outdoor advertising application due to its high brightness, reliable quality and economic cost. Can be used in outdoor environment such as airport, highway, cultural or relax square, commercial walking street, residential sub-district, downtown, with various real-time signal sources and the speciality of waterproof, dustproof, static proof, its purpose is to propagandize outdoor advertising or play the important news or events or TV program etc.

Technical Specifications:-



Wide Viewing Angle

Wide viewing angle (160 degree H/140 degree V), Higher contrast rate, showing sharp image quality. It is clear from the different angles and visibly very clear to eyes. And can attract the people towards itself from the side angle view also.


Good Heat Dissipation

Good heat dissipation capability because of the unique design of vent fan (liking shutter). It blow out the heat generated inside and make it easy to run the led for long time.


Energy Saving

Using the high brightness LED with low power consumption and replacing parts of the general modules will be easy and convenient


Simplify the installation and maintenance

If familiar with one, you should master the whole. This can reduce the difficulty of marketing, engineering, training, maintenance and can reduce the workload.

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Additional Products

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