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Seamless Connection

The bright lines and dark lines of this screen can be removed by adjusting the direction of the cabinet. Then, cabinets can be connected seamlessly without the phenomenon of the separation of the connected image. This will ensure the perfect show of the image.


Excellent Color Uniformity

Uniform color representation ensure content and video are showcased accurately & consistently on display screen. You can never find any type of color variation and difference on it, because of that the vision is so clear and graceful.


High refresh Rate Display

Fine imaging can be realized at low brightness and high gray simultaneously, enhance the grey level, make screen more real and color more gorgeous with anti gamma correction technology. Enjoy 3840hz refresh rate and dynamic expression of color rendition.


Low Brightness with High grey scale

It uses high quality lamps and drive IC with special image arithmetic processing that makes a better color revivification.

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Additional Products

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