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Are you looking for Outdoor Fixed LED displays? At Jona Led, Delhi, you will get the best products at an affordable price. These days Outdoor LED displays are used by almost all industries and are in limelight. This helps in increasing customer engagement for your business.


In this business era, there are endless possibilities to increase your business by using outdoor LED displays. We understand how important it is for your business to have better advertising facility which is why we have manufactured top-quality LED displays with amazing performance and lifespan. The recent developing challenges and the expansion in the utilisation of innovation are what makes the traditional methods outdated for the companies. Promotions made with LED displays is favourable to all kinds of businesses.


Invest in the correct products which amazing blend of inventiveness and incentive to grab the attention of all kinds of prospective business customers. We are one of the best outdoor fixed LED display manufacturers and we supply products that have amazing features. Some are as follows.



• Seamless and customised displays of any size for all kinds of business.

• You will receive the perfect blend of colours and HD quality pictures which is not possible in LCD screens.

• The LCD screens use bright light bulbs which makes them slender in weight and the brightness is less unlike LEDs of our company.

• These consumes less vitality and spares a ton of intensity.

• You get splendid picture quality as well. The colour is vibrant and vivid.

• You can also choose the shape according to your need and can upgrade the ambience and aesthetic of the environment.

• The pictures is glint free which is why you do not have eye strain, exhaustion or cerebral pain.

• Compared to LCD and other LEDs in the market the lifespan of the LEDs of our company is better than the rest.


What Are The Industrial Benefits Of Choosing Our Products?


There are several benefits to choosing our products. Some are:

• You will be better customer attraction.

• Can enhance your brand value.

• Our LED displays will help bring more opportunities to your business.

• Helps in reaching new customers.

• It reduces the marketing cost as well by fixed displays. You can change the content when needed.

• Helps in reducing brand establishment and excessive product cost.

• Brings more customer satisfaction.


We supply LED displays to several industries and businesses like theatres, restaurants, clubs, stick exchange, railway stations, banks, airports, shopping malls etc. Choose us and get our products delivered at your commercial place within a limited time frame. We are reliable and trustworthy traffic LED display screen manufacturer.