Novastar Controller

Novastar Controller



Novastar’s VX1 controller features easy operations and offers a vari...

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The VX4S is a professional LED display controller. Besides the functio...

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The VX5s is an all-in-one video controller, designed with powerful vid...

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  The 4K-Prime is a NovaStar's new all-in-one controller that ...

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J6 is the latest high-performance multi-screen splicing processor feat...

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The MCTRL4K is a 4K×2K independent controller developed by NovaStar. ...

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The C1 is an event controller of NovaStar specifically designed for vi...

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The N9 is a high-performance seamless switcher that integrates video p...

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The MCTRL600 is an independent controller of NovaStar.Multiple control...

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Novastar’s Taurus series multimedia player is a next-generation prod...

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Jona Led, Delhi, became a trendsetter in the LED industry by offering custom, quality and durable products to customers across the country. We found revolutionary flexible and lightweight LED displays that are used for both residential and commercial purposes. We have become a trusted partner for several companies and have made them flourish in the market.


Today we have brought LED video display controllers that are amazing and extraordinary. Our products are reliable and creative solutions for the leading industries which depend on LED display technologies. Driven by excellence our products meet the international standards and are easy to maintain and install.


Jona Led has become the best Novastar controller supplier. Our LED display controllers are professional and combine LED cabinet to form a large LED screen or video wall. Besides the functioning of the display control, it also has featured in powerful front end processing so an external scalar is no longer in need.


With professional interface integrated, our controllers have excellent image quality and flexible controlling of the image which greatly meets the needs of the broadcast industry. It also has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to set up and configure LED display easily. These have amazing features as well. Some are as follows.



• The input images can be zoomed at every point according to the resolution of the screen.

• This provides seamless and high-speed switch and fade in/out effects do as to strengthen the picture displayed with the demonstration of professional quality.

• You can adjust the size and location of PIP at any point.

• We have designed these controllers in such a way that it doesn’t flicker and remains stable without scanning lines. The images have a good sense of depth and are exquisite.

• Based on different features of LED, it can implement colour gamut mapping and white balance calibration to reproduce true colours.

• External/HDMI audio input.

• You do not need computer software to configure the system. It can be done using one button or one knob.

• It supports multiple controller montage to load content on huge screens.

• The correction using controllers is efficient and fast and it provides point by point correction technology.


Get the best controllers from our company as we are the best LED video wall controller supplier in India. Order online and get it delivered at your preferred location within a limited time frame without any delay. We promise to deliver you with the best at every stage. Trust us and enjoy amazing offers by dealing with us.