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Led Video Processor

What are Led Video Processors?

Video Processors are specially designed chip or stand-alone component that provides video format conversion for controlling the display on large scale with high picture quality by improving the apparent quality of video signals.  The control system ensures that source content is captured, processed, transmitted and displayed exactly on display screen. They can control broadcasting videos, graphics and live telecasts.

Jona LED has the wide range of latest Nova star Video Processor series such as VX2, VX4 and VX4S, which also called All-in-1 processors. Novastar controller have the advanced features like support of DVI, HDMI, VGA, DP, CVBS, SDI inputs and capable to control the display without Computer. The VX series has user friendly interface of Menu options and special application of scale, PIP, Input controller and test facilities though shortcut buttons on Front panel.

Novastar Processor VX Series: The all latest VX series has many inbuilt functions to control the screens without computer. The all processor has menu system with knob to move or to select the options:

Video Controller VX4S:

A professional display controller for foweful end processing with professional interface and provide excellent image quality and flexible image control bor broadcast industry. It supports point-to-point, seamless high-speed switch and fade-in/ fade-out effect, stable and flicker free screen, white balance calibration, multiple controller montage for loading huge screens. It has SDI feature as added one.

Key Features of Novastar VX4S

  • Seamless switching between Inputs
  • No PC required for LED display configuration
  • Picture-in-Picture adjustable function
  • Touch Track
  • SDI Slot
  • Auto-fit to LED display by shortcut key
  • User defined output resolution
  • Picture freeze function
  • Broadcast level scaling, seamless sync mosaic

Technical Specifications:-

Video Splicing J6

J6 is the latest high-performance multi-screen splicing processor featuring enhanced image processing. Based on a powerful FPGA processing platform, J6 supports quick seamless switch of any input source and supports transition effects such as fade, etc., allowing you to experience more flexible screen layouts.
In addition, J6 can work with the new smart management software V-Can to make more screen splicing effects and better satisfy your needs.

Key Features of Video Splicing J6

  • Multi-screen 6 layers + 1 OSD, 4K x 2K on every image
  • High Image Quality 4k zooming engine
  • Large capacity 4K x 2K custom output on single device
  • Dual-Mode = Splice mode & Switcher Mode
  • Safe & Stable switching with switcher mode
  • Special fade-in/fade-out effects
  • Powerful Image Processing with 4k
  • FPGA processing platform
  • Seamless switching between input sources

Technical Specifications:-

3D Video Controller

3D HD is an independent master supporting 3D video source. It can be used without computer and equipped with screen at any time; the display brightness can be manually adjusted for convenience; 3D video can be output when 3D HD is connected to ordinary receiving card, which can generate an amazing visual effect. A single 3D HD controller supports the output of 1080P FHD 3D signal and cascade multiple 3D HD controllers can load 4K * 2K giant screen, which can bring a very stunning visual experience

Key Features of Novastar 3D Video Controller

  • It adopts the output of standard 3D video , No PC is required for LED display configuration
  • It adopts an innovative architecture to implement smart configuration; the screen debugging can be completed within 30 seconds
  • It adopts the Nova G4 engine; the screen is stable and flicker free without scanning lines; the images are exquisite and have a good sense of depth
  • The switch between 3D and 2D can be realized with one button
  • Formats all single-link DVI digital formats up to 165Mhz, Dual-link DVI formats up to 330Mhz

Technical Specifications:-

PBOX 150

Pbox150 is suitable for the occasion demanding high stability. Its Novastar Synchronous & asynchronous modes. Supports 1080P input when in synchronous mode. HDCP compliant. Suitable for traditional digital signage users, who can use the existing publishing system to control the LED display as well as carry out remote monitoring, for advertising machines and mirror screens. Able to play independently or be cascaded.

Key Features of Novastar PBOX150

  • Wireless access to LED display by phone or PC
  • Multiple WiFi modes: WiFi Hotspot, WiFi Station, AP+Station
  • Multiple media formats
  • SD card for storage, 32G at maximum
  • Support color calibration
  • Android App available

Technical Specifications:-


It is the latest independent master control by NovaStar. It supports screen configuration at any time without a computer. Nova's new-generation point-by-point correction technology, stable and flicker free screen without scanning lines, input of 12-bit high-definition multimedia interface and support manual adjustment of the screen brightness.

Key features:

  • Remote Play Publishing
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Smart configuration
  • Support G4 engine
  • Timer
  • Multiple media format supportive
  • High Refresh frequency
  • Brightness, Colour Calibration

Technical Specifications:-

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Additional Products

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