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Diamond Series use high quality LED Lamps, PWM drive IC and original patent masks.

Pixel Pitch (mm): P1.2, P1.5, P1.6, P1.8, P2, P2.5, P3

Dimension: 480*480*61mm

Key Features:

  • Ultra-thin, seamless wall mounted Installation- with IP 65 level protection.
  • Smart adjust with unique seamless alignment
  • Optimized cooling and slow temperature rise
  • Long Lifetime
  • Fan less
  • Quiet
  • Easy and Friendly Installation



  • Wireless connection and hot plug supported.
  • HDR High Dynamic and high refresh rate display (3840Hz.)
  • Enhances the level of gray scale.
  • The anti-gamma correction technology makes a scene look more like a reality.
  • Redundant power supply design and dual signal inputs automatically detects the failure.
  • Switches ensure the stability and reliability of the whole system.
  • Fully sealed cabinet structure with IP 65 on the back and waterproof and dustproof function.

Inpad Series

The panel can be cut with any angle, even at 45 degrees. It can be installed with both- concave and convex shape. Inpad series is the best choice for designers. Pixel Pitch (mm): P1.9mm, P2.6mm, P3.1mm, P3.9mm and P4.8mm Dimension: 250*500*42mm/ 250*750*42mm/250*1...

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Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.2 mm 1.5mm 1.8mm 2.5mm 3.0mm
Pixel Density (pixels/sqm) 640,000 401,111 284,444 160,000 111,111
Cabinet Resolution 384x384 304x304 256x256 192x192 160x160
Cabinet Size (mm) 480*480*61mm
Lamp Type SMD 1010, SMD 1515, SMD 2020
Brightness 200cd-1200cd/sq.
Gray Scale 14-24 Bit
Color Temp. 2500K-10000K
Control System Dual Signal Card
Protection Level Front IP62 , Rear IP65
Frame Frequency 60-120Hz(3D)
Refresh Rate Standard Refresh Rate: ≤1920, High Refresh Rate: ≤3840
Working Voltage AC: 100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 100W/ m2 ~ 300W/ m2
Lifetime (hours) 100,000h
Operating Temp. -20°C to +60°C
Storage Temp. -25°C to +60°C
Weight 8.5kg