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Checkpoints While Buying an LED Display For Advertising

Checkpoints While Buying an LED Display For Advertising

Checkpoints While Buying an LED Display For Advertising

02 Mar, 2022, 09:18 AM

Selecting the right kind of advertising LED display screen from a wide range of options is quite difficult. Today, LED advertising displays are very popular as they instantly attract customers with their dynamic and engaging visual effects. Moreover, the LED display screens offered by LED display suppliers in India are energy-saving, brighter, weather-resistant, and have a long view distance. They are beneficial for increasing your customer base, modernizing your business, promoting the brand name, maximizing sponsorship and revenue, etc.


If you want to reach potential customers, you need to invest in an advertising LED display screen or LED video wall. You can get more visibility for your company. It is a kind of right investment that gives you long-term outcomes. The best quality LED video walls provided by LED video wall manufacturers India help to stand out from the rest.


Here are some of the checkpoints points that need to be kept in mind while purchasing an LED display for advertising:


• Resolution – The resolution of an LED display deals with image quality, color quality, and display quality. The price of an advertising LED display screen based on resolution. As the resolution is inversely proportional to pixel pitch, the lower the pixel pitch more the resolution. So, you can choose an LED screen with a minimum resolution otherwise, the picture seems ugly and distorted.


• Pixel Pitch – Pixel pitch is the proximity between two pixels. Pitch influences visibility. The larger angle leads to the distorted images on close viewing of the screen. The viewing distance is 1.5 meters in indoor LED display and in outdoor LED advertising display screens, the viewing distance is 4 meters (popularly known as the P4LED display screen). You can also find other outdoor screen pixels like P10, P8, P6, and P4. For purchasing the LED display with the right pixel pitch, you need to calculate the total number of pixels of the display screen and it should be greater than 30000 pixels.


• View Angle - View angles of the LED displays will decide how many people can see the LED screen clearly. Wider the view angle, more audience can view it. So, it can make your advertisement successful.


• Hardware and Software – While purchasing advertising LED display screens, you need to check their hardware and software configuration.


• Power Supply – A good LED display screen utilizes less power for smooth functioning.


• Brightness - The dim display makes it hard for the viewers to see the picture correctly. So you need to purchase LED screens for advertising purposes with greater luminosity and brightness.


• Licensing or Certification – The licensing and certification of the product guaranteed the safety and quality of the product. So, it is imperative to purchase the original product provided by licensed dealers or LED display manufacturers India.


• Services and Maintenance – When you are buying an advertising-LED display screen ensure the convenient and quick maintenance and services provided by the dealer or company. It is necessary to ask about the service center, availability of technical support, accessories replacement, and service charges. Low maintenance charge is one of the vital aspects for the company for the selling the product. To make your investment in LED displays significant, you need to choose an efficient supporting program that meets your needs for a longer period.


• Pricing - It is the fact that if you spend more, you will have more income. So, never run for less expensive stuff rather run for the best one. While budgeting, consider the price of LED display, power consumption, maintenance cost in future, installation charges, etc.


• Location – When location is considered, LED screens may require more features to function, like excellent sound and lighting equipment. For example, the outdoor screens resist harsh weather conditions of rain, storm, sunlight, or humidity


• Space – Before purchasing an LED display, choose the desirable advertisement space to get the utmost benefit from the displays.


• Rich Contents – LED supporting images, texts and videos can attract more potential audiences. Rich contents at different hours of the day are beneficial for advertising your products.


• Size of the screen - LED display screens are made available in all sizes, shapes, and durability for the grabbing attention of the audience. The size of the LED display directly affects the marketing of the product. So, pick a LED screen of the right size to attract more people.


If you want to purchase an LED display for advertising, go to an expert first. Gather all the relevant information about the product and match your requirement and budget and then make a wise decision to invest in an advertising LED display screen to reach potential customers, and achieve your business goal.

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