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Why P3 LED Walls Are Great For Indoor Purposes

The P3 LED wall has become quite common for all types of indoor screenings. This LED wall has a Pitch 3.9mm (HD) display which makes them quite a great display wall. These P3 LED walls can have more LED lamp beads used per unit area as compared to any other indoor Light Emitting Diode wall. This wall is counted amongst the high-resolution display products used for various types of indoor events. It has an innovative panel design and offers a very high performance. Owing to their size and display panel, they are a good choice for both rental installations and fixed installations for regular viewing. The walls require a less viewing distance. This makes them ideal for use in TV stations, meeting rooms, banquet hall and exhibition presentations, video monitoring command center, government offices, news channel events, auditorium, conference room, traffic control, etc.

High Refresh Rate

The P3 LED walls have a very high refresh rate which makes them a great fit for indoor use. Its refresh rate is more than 2880 Hz. This is the reason why even during fast moving pictures or any live video showcasing, these P3 LED walls do not show any type of flickering. The high refresh rate also ensures that the viewers are able to view the content from a very smaller distance. The Drive IC of high refresh rate and high grey scale of these LED walls are also good reasons why one is able to view a clearer picture and more stable images in this screen.

Black Face Led

The P3 LED walls have an extraordinary contrast ratio. Due to this, the person viewing any type of content on these walls would not feel any type of strain on their eyes. This contrast ratio ensures that the soft brightness is not sacrificed during any type of viewing. They come with black SMD Display Solutions as well. The black face LED feature of these LED walls also helps in making the picture quality better and offer clear display of even the brightest or dullest videos or graphic content. Moreover, as these walls are good for shorter viewing, this black face LED features comes in very handy to prevent eye straining problem in the viewers.

No Ghost Images

Another reason that makes the P3 LED walls a great choice for indoor installations is that they do not show any type of ghost images. Unlike other LED displays, the IC or integrated circuit present in the LED display wall is driven by constant current. This current has a pre-charge function which helps in removing ghost images from the screen. In other indoor display walls, there are chances that a line may appear that may look slightly different in colors from the original colors.

These are the three major reasons why P3 LED walls are great for viewing all types of pictures, live videos, moving graphics, etc., in an enclosed area. However, there are other reasons as well like their energy-saving, stable capacity, and good heat emission, etc., that also add to its charm as an indoor display wall.


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