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The C1 And N9: Making Stage Control Great Again


For rental or TV studio applications, quick and reliable control is a must. The C1+N9 is the perfect choice to meet the needs of this type of application. The N9 acts as a switcher, splicer and processor, while the C1 console handles the stage control. With a dual-touchscreen design, the C1 removes the necessity of complex and slow software operation, allowing you to effortlessly control the stage.

4K Switcher

Maximum output for N9 is 4K*2K 60HZ, Horizontal pixel can extend to 15,360 while vertical pixel level is 7,680 at maximum. Output adapts 4 master and 4 redundant DVI, which guarantee the reliable rental performance. While the N9+C1working together are excellent for stage control applications, the N9 also works great as a standalone processor, and also pairs seamlessly with other NovaStar controllers such as the MCTRL4K for a total controller/processor solution.

Supreme Scaling capability


The build-in scaler technology in N9 is called SR algorithm, which ensures image details still be vividly displayed even enlarged over 3 times, with this scaling algorithm developed by NovaStar. Scaling with the N9 ensures that the post-scaling image is as sharp as possible, making sure your event looks its best.



The N9 supports for 7 open layers + 8 BKG, each of layers maximum can extend to 4k*2k,which unleashing your creativity without any concern for complex setup,making sure that any layout you want to create can be easily achieved.




The C1 and N9 are a great fit for both live stage and TV broadcast applications, providing power, creativity, flexibility, and more.



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