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Powerful Feature Of NovaStar's SmartLCT

A Simple Yet Powerful Feature Of NovaStar's SmartLCT


How SmartLCT makes mapping a breeze



When clients are working on a design project, they will often export the layout and use it as a guide map for the project. This project drawing is mainly used by clients as a plan or on-site construction reference. Clients have no need to make an additional screen mapping layout diagram.
Using NovaStar's SmartLCT, you can directly export a screen mapping diagram. You can even choose to export either a front or rear diagram, with the front diagram acting as an application model, and the rear diagram acting as a live construction guide. The diagram shows connection direction, company name, logo, watermark, cabinet information, and more. Operation is simple, and saves users a lot of time.



Diagram export method

Step one, on start page, select either "create online design” or “create offline design.”






After configuring screen connection, choose "export" under the "project" tab to continue to the custom export page.




Export setup
Choose “front” or “back” view.
If desired, select “custom” to add company name, logo, watermark, and diagram color.




With this export in the previous step, you can see the front view. Conversely, if you chose back view in the previous step, you can also see the rear view.



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