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Led video walls looks great but the features of an ad such as its duration, quality of text and motion scan be either an asset or a liability to an LED video wall display. If the content of ad isn’t right or made expertly its effect will quickly fade. A good and expertly created content is essential for using features of a LED video wall to its fullest. The content determines what accessories or hardware will be required so it is necessary to keep following things in mind before purchasing and LED video wall.


DISTANCE - The distance at which the screen is going to be placed because using the displaying content that is too blur or small to read is a common getting a right distance for placing the video wall is very essential. The colour and contrast also enhance the quality of reading. To make the content more effective and appealing the content must be designed by an expert content designer who knows the correct sizes, styles and sharpness to be used.


RESOLUTION OF LED WALL -The resolution of LED video wall is influenced by its size and can greatly affect content strategy. The content should be Pixel perfect to led screen resolution. The varying elements like pixel pitch of each panel, total wall resolution must be taken into consideration while selecting the right image for the video display.


TIME LENGTH -The time length of content that is being displayed on the Led should be edited accordingly, that of minimum time like 10-15 seconds because the targeted audiences for these Ads are in motion themselves.


Most importantly the success of any video wall depends on continuous originality. Ads that are repeated gets ignored over the time, including daily fresh content like fun facts or random quotes will catch the audience attention and can even create buzz about the topic.

Finally, the main concern is resolution, the quality of text to read, colour contrast, pixel pitch content and duration should all be considered while making any decision about the video wall and its content. Jona led, the renowned brand and the leading supplier of Led video walls, offers creative solutions, reliable products and services for our industry. We consider each and every point about how each and every display will be used by our customer to provide quality led video walls solutions that fulfils our customer’s objective.

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