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How NovaLCT Can Easily Realize Display Rotation

Rotation: Achieving The “Cool Factor”



The LED industry is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of the marketplace. Just a large loading capacity is no longer enough to captivate the eyes of viewers. More creativity is now required to provide the “cool factor” that viewers crave, which has given rise to the need for solutions that offer capabilities such as screen rotation.

With the MRV series of receiving cards, if attempting to realize rotation you  must perform a few more complex operations in Smart Settings such as module mapping and data group exchange. However, with the AXs high-end receiving cards, 90 degree rotation can be easily performed, making the entire visual experience much more exciting. This applies to A4s, A5s, A7s, A8s, A9s, and A10s receiving cards.

A detailed description of how to use NovaLCT for rotation is shown in the picture below.



Open NovaLCT > Screen Configuration > Receiving Card >Set Rotation > Select rotation angle > Send to Receiving Card > Save

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