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No? – Well the term “Digital Led Walls” is becoming more of a commonplace term in almost every industry. This new digital transformation is a tool industries are starting to adopt as they continue to expand in this technology-driven world. Since this innovation has made its appearance, no company would want to be considered old fashion in today’s innovative business world!


The digital industry is booming! The digital led walls market is set to grow at an 8.94 percent compound annual growth rate between now and 2020 and judging by the market’s ongoing growth, this technology is a must have! A quarter of executives from almost every industry are leaning towards Digital approach. Not only because this technology cuts on print, but also to better engage and better inform, in real time. By doing some secondary research, as well as adding in my own thoughts, I am sharing below a list of the top 10 Digital led walls trends I believe are going to be revolutionary for digital technology.


1)     Digital led walls can be used as a distraction in a healthcare environment to help reduce anxiety, stress, and perceptions of pain during wait times. Healthcare providers can enjoy tremendous benefits from digital led walls by providing entertainment in waiting areas, lounges and patient rooms, helping visitors find their way around, making emergency announcements and posting promotions.


2)     Over half of the marketers in North America are starting to use digital led walls to engage with their target audiences during events, as they are using it part of real-time engagement. Organizations can use social media in any type of environment and bring it to life in that current moment! Who wouldn’t like that?


3)     More than half of restaurant customers say their main priority is an easy-to-read menu. Digital led walls can be updated quite fast, content created to please the eye, allowing the menus to never go out of date, and they can design and adjust the menu as they please.


4)     Digital led walls is a huge profit. Why not make money? Organizations are finding a variety of ways to integrate profitability into the use of digital led walls through advertisements, promotions and up selling.


5)     Organizations are focusing on experiential interaction. To elaborate, organizations can use digital led walls to allow their customers to interact with a large amount of information with real-time visualizations. Directories and way-finding are both examples of this current trend.


6)     Today’s retail shoppers find that digital displays can influence their choice of entering a store based on digital signs catching their interest. Almost all of us are programmed to respond and react to digital visuals; retailers are using a low-approach, high-impact technique, to attract potential customers. Digital led walls helps greet shoppers, brings in more customers and enhances the shopping experience.


7)     Digital led walls has a huge impact on a visitor’s wait-time. If you’re anything like me, you hate waiting in line. Well, digital signs provide an excellent way to both distract customers from a long wait and manage queues with informative and engaging content.



Did you know?! There is up to 35 percent decrease in perceived wait time with digital led walls! Pretty nice!


8)     Digital led walls has proven to keep customers in a given establishment for a longer period of time. One study found that installing digital led walls encouraged customers to spend up to 30 percent more time browsing. This study says it all.


9)     Almost half of corporate offices say they have adopted digital led walls to better their communication so employees can become more engaged and informed of policies, events, safety announcements, etc. Cutting on print and poster costs, plus going green are also reasons why corporate offices need to go digital!


10)     Lastly, here is a trend we have at UTG Digital Media: Digital led walls can be updated in real time, anywhere in the world through mobile devices and tablets. The huge buzz right now is mobile devices and how a device can control digital led walls within minutes, from anywhere in the world. This technology can be found at UTG with our advanced software that allows users to update the content on their screens not only from their phones or tablets, but from any device of their choice, from anywhere and at any time! Pretty cool and hassle free!


Well there you have it. No matter what type of industry you’re in, Digital led walls is surely a great investment on the rise. From increasing brand recognition to keeping customers happy, digital led walls can do a lot for you. And there are tons of numbers out there to back that up.


This innovation is here and it is here to stay. Call us to learn more how our customized innovative digital products here at Jona Led.


Happy Purchasing!!

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