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Difference Between LCD Wall And LED Video Wall

Difference between LCD wall and LED Video wall




                            LED Display

LCD Display

High Brightness

More vibrant colour scale as the brightness is much higher

Only suitable for indoor usage and brightness levels are much lower than LED

High Contrast

True color replication as high colour contrast ratio capable of more variants

Low contrast ratio and less colour scale as compared to LED video Walls

Cost Effective

Cost efficient for large screens and can be controlled through controller

Expensive solutions and requires a lot of additional expensive wiring and audio-video equipment for operation

Long Life

An average life is 7-10 years with continue usage.

Average life of 3-5 years


Completely weatherproof solution which is viewable under direct sunlight

Not suitable for outdoor climatic conditions and influenced of rain, sun, dust etc

Industry Application

Suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications across all sectors as per their brightness and pixel pitch.

Only suitable for indoor applications like control rooms, CCTV Surveillance etc. which requires close viewing distances


Rugged and durable

A lot more fragile and delicate


Single LED can be replaced in case of failures and servicing can be done onsite hence, downtime is zero

In case of failure, panels can only be repaired at the service center. Hence downtime is high

Module based structure

Very much flexible as the LED is module based so size can be customized as per requirement.

Not flexible as it is Single screen and can’t be customized.

Customized solution

The LED screens can be standing or hanging or fixed.

The LCD is fixed structured.


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Posted on [ 07 March, 2018 ]

in an auditorium with gallery, there needs a video wall, the front stair and last stair of gallery is 100 ft apart. we need to install video wall where no difference of screen will be visible.what is the best solution LCD or LED wall

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