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4 Different Ways To Utilize Indoor LED At Your Next Event

4 different ways to utilize Indoor LED at your next event


LED is one of the most vibrant ways to display information, case videos, images and keynotes at an event or conference. This is because LED screens and panels offer the brightest, most vivid images in the business and lend themselves to high customizability and the freedom to build with them or around them, creating a bespoke solution that’s unique to your design. Here are just a few ideas of how you might utilize high-end indoor LED at your next event:


1) Live streaming

Given its vivid, visual display LED is an obvious choice for live streaming. Whether it’s a presentation, a concert, a live panel, or even individual screens streaming event-related videos across the exhibition floor, LED screens can give your audiences the very best picture quality, both when they’re in close proximity to the screen and when they are far away.

The screen options for live streaming are endless; from single display screens to a seamless video wall, or even a P3.9mm LED wall made up of modular panels to allow for more freedom in size and shape. Wherever or whatever you’re live streaming at your event, LED is the perfect way to ensure the best visual quality for your audience.


2) Splitting the screen in parts

Splitting up LED screens to stream still images, company logo, live video, videos and many more at your event is a great way to encourage audience participation. Paired with a unique broadcasting content onto the screen, this solution gives your audience the chance and the incentive to share their thoughts with the room.


3) Conference Backdrops

An LED set will make an impact at any conference, regardless of size. A huge wall built entirely out of P2.5/P3/P3.9mm LED panels, will give you a stunning, 100% digital backdrop for your talk or presentation. Our Led panels also don’t give off any background noise, so your audio will have nothing to fight against, giving it higher depth and clarity; all adding to that immersive event experience!



4) Product launches & Film Premieres

Production launches and film premieres are often a big deal, and LED screens or panels are a great addition to the night itself. To keep audiences engaged and build on atmosphere, the screens can be used to stream pre-recorded content like interviews, film trailers, advertisements, or even to live stream different areas around the event itself.

Led brings an extra dimension to any event, conference or exhibition setup and is guaranteed to get your attendees talking.

If you want to find out more, visit and contact our Led specialists today.

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