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7 Ways to Improve Customer Experience with Digital Signage in Retail Banking

7 Ways to Improve Customer Experience with Digital Signage in Retail Banking

7 Ways to Improve Customer Experience with Digital Signage in Retail Banking

25 Jun, 2022, 07:50 AM

Digital signages are widely in use nowadays instead of the traditional signage boards. The reason behind this change is that it attracts the by-passers. As everything in the world has taken the form of digitization so does the signage boards. And, this change is indeed a positive one. So, the question is how can you use these signages to your advantage? How can they improve the customer experience in retail banking? To get the answer of all these questions, keep on reading further.


What is a Digital Signage?


A digital signage or an electronic signage is a type of advanced display technology just like LED walls or LCD monitors and projectors. It displays the videos, images, webpages, marketing messages, and much more in a vivid format to attract customers. You can make use of a digital signage in many places like museums, public space, church, retail store, restaurant, corporate space, retail banking, and others. So, if we talk about use of digital signage in retail banking then how it can be effectively used?


How Can Customer Experience Be Improved Using a Digital Signage?


1. Interactive Sign Board: By making use of an LED Video Wall Signage, you can make the customer and signage session more interactive. People who are coming to bank can check the different areas by using the interactive touch screen method of the digital signage board. This removes the need of long waiting to be served by the bank employees. They can browse the details like how to open or close a bank account, what are the interest rates, and more.


2. Self-Service Option: A digital signage offers the facility of self service and thus, people do not have to que up to get their issues resolved. They can resolve their basic queries on your own by using the digital signage boards. So, installation of interactive digital kiosks is essential for the retail banks to offer a self-service option to the customers. Through these, personalized content can also be provided to the customers.


3. Installation of Video Walls: The big video walls will be noticed by the people easily when they walk in or pass by. Video walls are interesting and grabs the attention of the onlookers very easily.


4. Managing the Que: With the help of a digital signage, it becomes highly convenient to manage long ques. Customers do not have to wait in long ques to get their turn. They can simply use the kiosk service to resolve their queries. Also, customer’s can be attracted by providing content on the board like stock market report, currency exchange news, weather reports, sports updates, and much more.


5. Welcome Message: Customers must be welcomed by a welcoming message displayed on a digital signage board. So, the prime area where a digital signage should be installed is the entrance of the bank. It will help in informing the customers and also guiding them about different directions inside the branch.


6. Target Message: To display the target message so that customer can read it, a digital signage should be installed in ATMs. There are people who hardly visits bank branch. For them these type of interactive and targeted messages should be displayed on the screens inside an ATM.


7. Go Green: Installation of a digital signage is an environmentally friendly method that helps in minimizing the use of paper. Different types of information can be displayed using a digital signage. So, there is less requirement of any printed materials. All information can be updated and displayed through a cloud-based system for all branches from one place only. Thus, it is a clean and green process.


Thus, a digital signage is the best thing to install in retail banks for enhancing the customer experience. There are numerous benefits of installing digital signage board. It saves time, money, and environment. To get the details of Outdoor Digital Signage Manufacturers, browse online

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